Useful Info

All creations are handmade or handcrafted, the difference being one made from A-Z by myself (handMADE) and the other based on an item that I personnalise (handCRAFTED). Each item is unique or in very small batches of 2-3 items. Some varieties in shape and/or accessories may occur and are part of the deal that make your item one-of-a-kind!

care instructions

while machine wash is okay, objects ith attached glass or ceramic beads require some special attention. It is recommended to put them inside the pouch or cushion cover to protect them. Otherwise, you ca also detach them carefully. 

Ready-To-Go or Made-To-Order

Ready-To-Go items are visible on the site and usually ship within 3 business days.

Made-To-Order are personnalised items, with fabrics chosen by you. You ca chose the colors online and then send me an email with further details at [email protected]

Please note that Made-To-Order items demand an additional charge of €10. Also, it is important for you to consider that Made-To-Order items take 10-15 days to create and ship.


in-stock items ship within 2-3 business days, Made-To-Order ship within 10-15 days. Please note that international customers outside the European Union are responsible for any taxes or duties that may occur. Kyklos Art&Design cannot be held responsible. 


In the unlikely event of a problem upon delivery, please send an email within 24h of reception. I am sure we will find a solution. Otherwise all sales are final.

Thank you and happy shopping!