kyklos art&design is the result of my love for creative arts combined with an idea for departure gifts for dear friends. Looking for a way to give them something to take with them to their new destination that would recap their adventures in Greece, I asked them about their favorite places they had visited while living in Greece. And so the pillows with vintage print and GPS coordinates was born!

Living in Greece helped the inspiration, the choice for islands to feature on the cushion covers was right in front of me! As people started asking about them, the idea for a business to share my passion started blossoming.  

Why KYKLOS? Well, I have a soft spot for the islands in the Aegean sea, called "kyklades" in Greek. "Kyklades" comes from "kyklos", circle, due to their circular dispersion in the Aegean. My first island in the "kyklades" was Tinos, a rocky, windy, wild island just north of Mykonos. Many were to follow, all singularly beautiful. I wanted this beauty to travel on with me in this business adventure of mine. A Greek word, but easy to retain and, most importantly, to pronounce. Because, you know, otherwise it might all be Greek to you! ;-)

The first collection I put out is the anamnistiko collection. You can check out more about that over here

kyklos art&design are cushion covers, little cotton fabric pouches or bags, fabric baskets featuring your favourite destination(s) from your vacation or simply your hometown with its GPS coordinates. For businesses interested in a special touch for their store might also like the idea of their name and coordinates on a creation. 

Individual or generic, all is possible! Other objects and designs are on their way!

Enjoy surfing the store and find or invent what you are looking for.